About our founder - Lindsey Bles

Welcome, I’m Lindsey Bles.

I put a touch of magic into my clothes!

About My T-Shirts

Each of my tees is infused with crystal healing. The crystal infusion takes three days to complete. Teeny tiny crystals are left on the fabric, and the botanicals work on you as soon as you open the box! For crystal healing to work at its best an intention must be set, which is why we include a special place for your intention on the inside of your t-shirt. Setting intentions for my friends, and loved ones is a fun way to show them I care.. 

About My Home

San Diego has always been a magical place to me. I surfed with dolphins, and on my 24th birthday vacation I experienced the happiness I believe many people deserve. It became clear it was going to be my new home. My crystal infused tees are made at the beach of La Jolla shores, a place known for its bioluminescent waters.

I ran across the perfect healing potion for my crystal infusions when my friend accidentally dropped her crystal in a bowl of botanicals I was mixing, and it splashed all over my pants! Shortly after, I began modeling at Rock and Roll concerts, and won a few beauty pageants. I became a Rock and Roll Beauty Queen! Music, and modeling, were my strongest passions. I never dreamed I would have been able to grace the stage with my favorite rock bands!

I then began to shared my special crystal infused apparel with all my friends! We live quite magical lives traveling the world bring help to those in need, and learning of their healing practices, because what does every Beauty Queen want?! World Peace!

About Lindsey

Lindsey is a holistic healer and fashion designer in San Diego, California. She’s practiced massage therapy, crystal healing, reiki, and master esthetics since 2011. She creates custom crystal infused collections, and maintains her wellness practice nestled in the heart of La Jolla close to the beach. 

Lindsey is bringing the very best holistic health has to offer in the form of fashion! She uses both wellness and fashion techniques to infuse her garments with crystals. There is a place to write an intention on all her garments. Intentions work great with crystals when written or expressed each day when wearing her clothes.

Visit LindseyBles.com for more about Lindsey and to explore her couture designs!

About Bliss & Bles

Our Mission at Bliss & Bles is to keep you on the pursuit of happiness, to express your true self, and connect with those you love!

Why We Infuse Crystals into Plain T-Shirts

T-shirts are universal, and can be worn in all events of the day. We have tshirts for bed, working out, cleaning, and going shopping in. For some of us, this done in the same tshirt! T-shirts are often worn when we are in our most natural state, when we are focused on what we love while carrying about our daily lives. They are not designed to “impress” people you haven’t met.

You are the artist painting your intention through the canvas of the tshirt. An image is an intention, it is a personality, a conversation piece, a guide. It can over power the crystal and take away its healing effects.

Additionally, Crystals do not like being degraded into dust. So we let the crystal decide the particles its leaves. The power of crystals come from the unique resonate structure it carries, and that we see when we look at them. A spire is more powerful with its focused pointed tip at healing than a polished rounded stone.

Crystals are not to be defined, and they are not meant to define you, but are there to guide you and connect you with a higher experience of Spirit. They align you. They help you experience your more inherent blissful nature that is locked away waiting to be discovered.

There is evidence that intentions have a big effect on our bodies and minds, here is a link to a study to learn more, and I hope you look into it deeper to strengthen your own intention setting practice! 

Intention study from the National Library of Medicine

Want to know more about intention setting? We’ve put together a helpful guide –> Intention Success

Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

Darryl Anka
Healing crystals are used in a proprietary Bliss & Bles Apparel wetting process, which leaves clothes infused with micro crystals. Set an intention with each garment to guide the crystal healing!